Tristesse Contemporaine 「I Didn't Know」

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Tristesse Contemporaine 「I Didn't Know」 - from『Tristesse Contemporaine』released on January 22, 2012.

Narumi Hérisson, Leo Hellden & Malik

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AZN @ Scream Club 「Dragon New Year」

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AZN fête l'année du dragon à la Scream Club le samedi 21 janvier 2012 avec les DJs M (résident AZN) et Little Nemo (GCC, Pool Party, Maxim's, Scream...).
Oh et bonne année !

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Laura Anne Stuart 「Where Are the Straight Asian Men in American Porn?」

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In your “porn” experience, was there any deliberate attempt to exclude Asian males from being performers? Also, could you say if phalloplasty is common in American porn?

Since I have never worked in the porn industry, I consulted with the amazing Jiz Lee to answer your question. Jiz identifies as a genderqueer porn star (using the pronouns they/their) and as hapa, and they have had experience working with both independent and mainstream porn producers. In addition to being a personal crush of mine, Jiz has been interviewed and has blogged about the representation of Asian Americans in porn and has challenged stereotypes of all kinds in their own work.

Jiz replies, “Let’s first confirm that we’re talking about the same thing. First off, I’m assuming that we’re limiting the discussion to pornography produced in the United States; for example, there are plenty of Japanese male porn performers cast in videos produced in Japan. Secondly, I’m also assuming that you’re referring to heterosexual or ‘straight’ porn. There are a fair number of Asian-American men in gay porn, and though it’s not as common, there are men who are tops and working as directors; for example, Van Darkholme, who is a Vietnamese-American gay-identified man. (I should also note that though [it’s] a smaller niche, there are also Asian-American transmen in porn such as J-Bird, Christopher Lee and Steelhead Chen.)”

“Asian men are often portrayed as asexual in Western culture. In general, it’s difficult for most straight men to break into the porn industry, and it’s one in which male actors tend to make a lot less money than their female co-stars. Furthermore, our culture favors professions in medicine and technology over pornography. So the few guys who choose to perform in pornography definitely challenge this stereotype. And in this century, we’ve seen some changes.”

Keni Styles Van Darkholme
Steelhead Chen Mika Tan

“In 2003, James Hou released a documentary, 「Masters of the Pillow」, which profiles professor Darrell Hamamoto and his work to produce a porn featuring an Asian-American male in a film called 「Skin on Skin」. (He ended up casting an Asian-Canadian actor.) Not long after, filmmaker Jeffrey Lei did a mockumentary on the absence of straight male performers called 「Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star」, interviewing Mika Tan. Mika [is] a porn star and outspoken advocate for more Asian-American actors, who even self-funded her own film. Unfortunately, she’s not had much luck pitching it to producers/distributors, who operate under the assumption that there’s not a strong enough market for these men. One performer has been challenging this notion, however. The reigning king of Asian-American males is Keni Styles, a Thai dreamboat who hails from the U.K. Keni appeared on the scene in 2006, working in Europe and later moving to pursue work in Los Angeles. Of his work, I’d recommend 「PURE」 (which also features Asa Akira) and his starring role in the upcoming Bruce Lee XXX parody.”

“Though the work I do is primarily independent pornography in San Francisco’s queer porn scene, I have also worked for a few mainstream companies in L.A. (Digital Playground, VIVID, Evil Angel), and I’ve not heard of any deliberate attempt to exclude these men. I too was interested in the subject (here’s a blog post [] I wrote several years ago ) and I think that since that time, we’ve started to see a shift in the perceived porn audience and influence in the marketing of pornography. I’d love to see Mika’s film distributed and more beautifully charismatic men like Keni working in porn.”

In terms of phalloplasty in American porn, I don’t believe that it’s common at all, largely because phalloplasty is currently an inexact science that does not produce very good aesthetic or functional results and also costs quite a lot. My guess is that you might be asking this to determine whether the size of male porn stars’ man bits is natural or surgically enhanced. Just as Olympic athletes have exceptional physical talents that are far beyond what most of us possess, male porn stars often have penises that are well outside the normal size range of the average guy – that’s why they get jobs in porn.

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「Homosexuality in Korea」


TL;DR 「Homosexuality in Korea」 posted on January 12, 2012.

Let’s start off by saying that this is a difficult topic for us to discuss for various reasons. Primarily, everything we’re recounting is second hand, as we are neither Korean nor homosexual. And so, we’ve asked our Korean friends of various ages their thoughts about homosexuality in Korea, and have recounted those thoughts in the video. We’ve spoken with our gay friends living in Korea – both foreign and Korean – about their experiences as well, which we have also recounted. This video and post are by no means definitive answers about homosexuality in Korea, because our sources are quite obviously limited. We’re hoping that a bigger discussion can talk place in the comments from people who have had experiences with this topic, whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, or ubersexual. Thanks for the term, Super Junior. Ubersexual indeed.

Also, anything you’d like to contribute, be it your own experiences or thoughts on the matter, or other sources that people could use, will be greatly appreciated.

So, for starters, we can say that Korea is not as open to homosexuality as, say, Canada or the USA. There is no Korean Lady Gaga in the music sphere speaking out, and there are not many LGBT rights activists. There are very few openly gay Korean celebrities. The most famous, in our opinion, is Hong Seok Cheon 홍석천, who was fired from all his jobs on TV after he revealed his homosexuality eleven years ago. Since then, he’s successfully opened various bars and restaurants, all LGBT friendly. Sadly, the success he has achieved in promoting awareness of the LGBT community in Korea is not always the case, as several Korean celebrities have committed suicide after revealing their sexual orientation to the public. They were fired from their jobs, and harassed and bullied by netizens to the point in which they felt that suicide was their only option.

This brings us to the topic of Korean dramas. There are a lot of Korean/Japanese dramas that play with the concept of cross dressing, mainly in the form of girls pretending to be guys, which in turn causes the main male role to fall in love with the “guy” and question his own sexual orientation. Out of all the dramas I’ve seen this in, I feel like only 「Coffee Prince」 (2007) did a good job of portraying the difficulty a straight male would feel if he was suddenly attracted to another man. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN COFFEE PRINCE YET!!! In 「Coffee Prince」, we see the main male lead, Choi Han-Gyul, struggle with his emerging feelings: he refuses to go to work, he locks himself in his room and thinks about his feelings, and he even visits a doctor who recommends medicine as a “cure” for his homosexuality. I especially felt like his visit to the doctor was a sadly symbolic scene as to how some Koreans view homosexuality as a curable disease. In the end, Han-Gyul rejects all these “cures” and decides to accept his feelings towards another man. He eventually discovers that the man he loves is in fact a woman, and – thankfully – he doesn’t just laugh it off, as if it was humorous all along, like I’ve seen in some Japanese dramas (I’m talking about Hana-Kimi, which I generally enjoyed, except for how they dealt with Nakatsu’s emerging homosexual feelings towards Mizuki; it was used as a gag relief joke).

The “laugh it off” or “gag joke” of someone being gay makes me cringe. It came up a lot in 「Personal Taste」 (2010) when Lee Min Ho plays a straight man pretending to be gay and also 「Sungkyunkwan Scandal」 (2010) with – yet again – another girl pretending to be a boy. It’s “funny” that the lead men think they’re gay only because the audience knows that the boy is actually a girl, hence, the boy-on-boy action is not an actually gay couple. Compare these dramas to 「Life Is Beautiful」 (2010). It deals with various people’s relationships, one of which depicts the difficulties a gay couple in Korea would face. How did SBS deal with a drama depicting a real in-love gay couple? They ended up pissing off the drama’s writer BIG TIME by cutting out the scene in which the couple professed vows of love to each other. Really SBS? It’s okay to joke about being gay when we all know that they aren’t really gay, but it’s not okay to show a happy and committed gay couple? This is the kind of thing that makes us feel really upset.

Even though we know that North American and other parts of the world are still not exactly ideal for LGBT people, we still feel that it’s more accepting than South Korea. As we mentioned in the video, not all the people living in Korea are closed-minded towards homosexuality, but we’re not exactly pleased with what we’re seeing in Korean dramas.

Ah! Sorry if that post was too long. Hopefully we did a bit of justice to the topic. Let us know what you think!

Author: Simon & Martina/Date: January 12, 2012/Source:
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Steve Aoki feat. Lovefoxxx 「Heartbreaker」

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Steve Aoki feat. Lovefoxxx 「Heartbreaker」 - from『Wonderland』release on January 10, 2012.

Steve Aoki et Lovefoxxx quelle beau pairing ! Le morceau est super réussi et Lovefoxxx est super mignonne. Nous, on « dripping, dripping, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin, drippin...»

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Bie Kpn ธรรศภาคย์ ชี『Volume』161

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Pour son numéro de janvier 2012, le magazine thaïlandais『Volume』rebondit sur l'arrivée de l'année du dragon et du remake américain de 「Millenium」, et nous propose une série de photos intitulée 「The Boy With The Dragon Tattoo」 avec Bie Kpn. Une raison d'apprécier ce chanteur à défaut de l'écouter !


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