Keiichi Nitta 新田桂一 「WE ARE OUT!」

Posted on April 17, 2013

Tenten/Sky Liu & Masaki Koh photographiés par Keiichi Nitta

「WE ARE OUT!」 is a series in which samurai photographer Keichii Nitta cracks open Japan's taboo on open homosexuality, by delving into the intimate lives of gay and lesbian couples.

Keiichi Nitta 「WE ARE OUT!」 Episode 1 - publiée le 14 décembre 2012.

In Part 2, Nitta goes to the home of international Chinese/Japanese couple Tenten and Koh. Having left his friends and family in China, Tenten found love when we met Koh. Behind closed doors, their outward macho appearance is shed to reveal an intimate portrait of modern love.

Keiichi Nitta 「WE ARE OUT!」 Episode 2 - publiée le 2 février 2013.

The long awaited 3rd episode of our series on gay and lesbian couples in Japan is here! This time we go to the home of fashionistas Satoshi and Tsuyoshi.
Tsuyoshi works in an animal hospital and Satoshi teaches at a fashion school. The handsome couple met through a dating application and now enjoy a serene life in the clouds together.

Keiichi Nitta 「WE ARE OUT!」 Episode 3 - publiée le 17 avril 2013.