Tristesse Contemporaine 「Fire」

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Tristesse Contemporaine 「Fire」 - from『Stay Golden』released on October 27, 2013.

Directed by Guillaume Cagniard
Produced by Standard
DOP by Michel Taburiaux
Recorded at Xavier Veilhan's workshop in Paris

Malik, Narumi Hérisson & Leo Hellden

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Retour de l'AZN au Toro le samedi 26 octobre 2013, qui renoue avec sa période faste des Bains Douches en invitant Jeremy Tang, et en investissant pour l'occasion les deux niveaux du bar ! Plus : distribution de slips Marcuse (dont on apprécie particulièrement certains modèles !), prévention Act Up et before au Banana Café avec Univers Jeunes. On espère vivement que l'affluence sera à la hauteur de l'ambition car l'ambiance risque d'être H-O-T !
Oh boy, do you believe this situation? Yeah... You better work bitch!
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Patrick Brzeski 「Nicolas Cage Criticizes Hollywood's Lack of Opportunities for Male Asian Actors」

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Nicolas Cage just wrapped up shooting on location in China for British director Nick Powell’s upcoming period drama 「Outcast」, co-starring Hayden Christensen. But before Cage left the country, he gave an interview to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, in which he reveals a few things about his role in the film, discusses his acting methods and speaks out against the dearth of lead roles offered to male Asian actors in Hollywood.

Answering a question about his experience working with the Chinese crew on 「Outcast」, Cage took the opportunity to briefly turn the interview in a more serious direction.

After praising his female co-star Liu Yifei’s performance and saying how much he enjoyed working with the Chinese industry, Cage added: “I hope that we will see more Chinese actors in American cinema too. We do see Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Chow Yun Fat, but it’s very rare to see the Chinese male actor in Hollywood movies, which is something I take great umbrage with. You know, my son is Asian. He may want to direct one day; he may want to be an actor like his father -- and I want that to be open to him. So I want to make some kind of effort to see more of that happen in Hollywood.”

Cage’s wife Alice Kim is Korean-American. He said their 8-year-old son, Kal-El (named after Superman’s birth name on planet Krypton), came along with him to China.

“He was here with me for the first few weeks, but he had to go back to the States to go back to school,” he said. “Selfishly, I wanted him to stay with me the whole time, but the teachers said he had to go back to school, so he went home.”

「Outcast」 is the first film Cage – whose filmography spans some 75 films – has shot in China. He described the experience as positive and noted that he has “no doubt” China will soon surpass North America to become the world’s largest film market, as many analysts have forecasted.

The film is a co-production between China’s Yunnan Film Group and U.S.-Australian outfit Arclight Films.

“I do want to come back, and I want to work with a Chinese director and Chinese actors,” Cage said. “If there’s something that makes sense for a white guy like me, I’d like to do that here in China.”

He said he views Tony Leung (「In the Mood for Love」, 「Lust, Caution」) as one of the world’s great actors.

“I would like to make a movie with Tony, but I don’t know how to do it,” he said. “I want to do it.”

Last month Cage attended China’s Huading Awards, an awards show that honors talent across all categories of the arts. At the time he told『The Hollywood Reporter』that he hopes to soon move to Hong Kong.

He reiterated that desire in the CCTV interview, saying, “One of my goals is to have a base near mainland China. I think Hong Kong would be a good match for me. I like being in Hong Kong.”

Cage also gave a few hints about his role in 「Outcast」, describing his character as a “reformed crusader,” adding that Powell, who is British, asked him to put on an English accent for the part.

“I’m working with a character who goes through a catharsis -- who transforms from a violent man, as a crusader, to someone who no longer wants that life -- and he leaves,” he said.

The hardworking actor also shared a few of his methods: “When I act, I hear it like music,” he said. “In my head, I hear the dialogue like music. And the movements, like dance…I do design my performances, and then when I get to the set, the part I can’t talk about -- the magic inside, the sacred part, the emotion -- I fill it with that. But I design it first like a performance.”

Near the end of the segment, CCTV’s anchor gently challenged Cage on his recent filmography, noting that some critics have questioned his choice of projects.

“You can’t make your choices based on what critics think. You have to make your choices based on what’s honest for you,” Cage replied.

He added: “I can’t let it bother me. I’m happy. I’m making movies I want to make. Something is working.”

Watch the full interview below.

Author: Patrick Brzeski/Date: October 22, 2013/Source:
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Godfrey Gao 「The Mortal Instruments : La Cité des ténèbres」

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La première adaptation de la série de roman 「La Cité des ténèbres」 de Cassandra Clare sort le 16 octobre 2013. Une nouvelle tentative pour reproduire le succès de 「Twilight」 ? Hmm... bien sûr ! C'est dire la très haute appréhension vis-à-vis de ce film. Avouons en outre que la bande-annonce laisse présager un festival de mauvais goût ! Mais l'intérêt pour nous est la présence à la distribution de Godfrey Gao, sublime mannequin et acteur taïwanais — vraiment, vraiment, très beau, fangirling ♥~(‘▽^人) — c'est suffisant en soi, mais pas que. En effet, Gao endosse le rôle de Magnus Bane, un sorcier immortel gay « flamboyant » et asiatique (c'est bien dans les livres), un personnage important et positif dans l'histoire (dans le film, on sais pas). Pas mal pour un film d'ado mainstream, ça change de la « mormonerie twilightienne » ! Pour sa première incursion hollywoodienne, Gao a donc capté instantanément une énorme fanbase, et ce, dès l'annonce du casting. On ne peux que comprendre et être d'accord avec les fans satisfait(e)s par ce choix. Alors, aussi nul qu'est cette bouse ce film, on peut vraiment se réjouir qu'un personnage homosexuel asiatique soit aussi sexy ! « C'est peut-être un détail pour vous... » Mais non-non-non, ce n'en est pas un ! C'est un premier pas pour échapper au ridicule et aux clichés. Enfin, on a pas encore vu le film...

En principe, Magnus Bane/Godfrey Gao devrait se taper Alec Lightwood/Kevin Zegers ! Les fans les appellent « Malec ».
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A.J. Mistretta 「Just a Little Bit Gaysian」

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An interview with comic/actor Alec Mapa.
by A.J. Mistretta

Alec Mapa is everyone’s favorite gay bestie. His no-nonsense, boundary-pushing comedy has kept American audiences rolling for nearly two decades. An award-winning one-man show 「I Remember Mapa」 chronicled the Filipino comic-actor’s rough start in Los Angeles, and garnered rave reviews. That led to memorable television roles, from Suzuki St. Pierre on 「Ugly Betty」 to Vern on 「Desperate Housewives」.

Now America’s Gaysian Sweetheart is all grown up — an acclaimed columnist and LGBT activist with a husband and a son. But Mapa’s comedy remains raw and riotous. His new stand-up special will explore what it’s like to be a gay dad — in a way that only he could do.

This month, Mapa is headed to Houston to perform one night only at OutReach United’s 2013 Coming Out Party. The annual event raises money for Houston-area LGBT nonprofits such as Montrose Center and HATCH. We caught up with Mapa packing his bags.

A.J. Mistretta: You’ve been conspicuously absent from TV lately. What gives?

Alec Mapa: You’re just not paying attention. I hosted an all-new reality show for AMC called 「Showville」, which ran for eight episodes, and I was on the 「Tonight Show」 with Leno twice. If that’s me being conspicuously absent, I’d need to pick better hiding places than AMC and NBC.

Fair enough. I never watch Leno. So you have this risque — some would say raunchy — stage persona. Is that you, or is that just for the show?

I ramp up my energy onstage, but I’m not like that in real life. Nothing’s worse than a comic who’s “on” all the time. That’s exhausting. I talk about sex a lot because, with all the talk about sexual freedom in the gay community, we’re all still ashamed about taking it up the butt. Gay people use the word “bottom” as an insult, and it just perpetuates self-loathing. I’m a sex-positive person. I love sex and I love being gay, and if folks see me as raunchy, that’s their own baggage talking. I’m not raunchy, I’m shameless. There’s a difference.

I know you’re a father now. How is that experience? Do you enjoy being the out gay dad?

Being a dad is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The minute my son came into my life, it was like a ton of rainbow-colored oxygen was pumped into my world. It’s hard work, and I occasionally get it wrong, but having a kid has made everything better. Also, it’s impossible to be a closeted gay dad — your kids out you all the time.

How much fodder does family life give your comedy?

My new comedy special 「Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy」 was filmed this July and should be ready by November. It’s all about how my husband and I became dads. It has a bit of everything: sex, poop-and-fart jokes, and heartwarming stories. You’ll love it even if you hate kids.

I know you do a lot of gay events, cruises, etc. So who’s the dirtiest gay performer out there?

Again with the dirty. Are you the Church Lady? To me, there’s only funny and not funny. Currently I like gay comics Casey Ley and Nico Santos. They’re hilarious. Nico’s on 「Chelsea Lately」 a bunch, and Casey is in San Francisco. I also like Shawn Pelofsky a lot.

Tell me about the worst standup crowd you ever had.

Drunk Russian River audience that wouldn’t shut the f–k up. They paid a lot of money, too. Whatever — the check cleared.

Do people still bug you about 「Ugly Betty」? Does that bother the hell out of you?

You have to understand I was broke and unknown in L.A. for years — far more years than I’ve been famous. There’s nothing annoying about being recognized for being on a hit show. Anyone who tells you that is an asshole.

What’s been your favorite role?

Suzuki on Betty was fun, because I never had to be likable or nice. As a people-pleaser, that was very liberating.

I know you’re a big 「American Horror Story」 fan. While we wait for the new season set in New Orleans with Kathy Bates (sooo excited), what are you watching now?

I’m living for the new season of AHS! I watch 「Orange Is the New Black」 and 「So You Think You Can Dance」.

If someone came to you tomorrow with the perfect gig — doing standup at this place or being on that show — what’s that perfect gig for you right now?

Network sitcom. Third-banana role like Rosario on 「Will and Grace」. Wisecracking maid/assistant/best friend /bellhop. I’d just love a gig with hours that allow me to make my kid breakfast and pick him up from school. I co-hosted 「The View」 twice, too — a steady gig like that’d be gravy.

As a dad, I’m sure you want to be a role model for your own son. But how important is it to you that you be an activist and advocate for LGBT young people?

So important. Kids think high school or the Internet is their entire universe, and it just isn’t so. That’s why bullied gay youth feel trapped and kill themselves. I try to remind kids that there’s so much more to life than high school. Look up, look ahead. Everything and anything is better than high school. I survived and thrived — so can you. At a high school reunion, the gays are always the hottest guys in the room. Everyone else looks like they’ve given up.

Have you ever been to Houston? Anything you’re looking forward to on your visit?

Big Texas cowboys and BBQ. I love Houston. I’ve always had fun when visiting.

What’s on your gay agenda for the rest of the year? And will 2014 hold any surprises we can look forward to?

I’m filming a movie in Halifax this month — 「Beethoven’s Treasure」. And my new comedy special will hopefully be playing at a gay film fest near you!

Alec Mapa is represented by Divas and DJs; check out their full roster of talent at

What: OutReach United’s 2013 Coming Out Party
When: Saturday, October 12, 6:30–9:30 p.m.
Where: Jaguar Houston Central
Tickets: start at $25

A.J. Mistretta is editor of and public relations manager of the Greater Houston CVB.

Author: A.J. Mistretta/Date: October 01, 2013/Source:

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