AZN 「Nouvel an chinois」

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Première soirée AZN de l'année : le vendredi (oui, vendredi) 31 janvier 2014 au Toro, le jour même du nouvel an chinois et de la fête du Têt ! Le thème de la soirée est donc... le nouvel an chinois !

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KENZO SS/14 Campaign

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Devon Aoki et Paul Boche par Pierpaolo Ferrari pour la dernière campagne KENZO, on a~dore ! KENZO repris par Humberto Leon et Carol Lim, on a~dore  ! Et on est trop content de revoir Devon (c'est à la mode de déterrer les vieilles taupes tops maintenant) ! On l’a~dore depuis ses débuts au milieu des années 90, elle faisait partie de la trop méconnue mouvance des mannequins « atypiques » (c'est-a-dire des asiatiques, des noires, des androgynes, des à gros sourcils et même des rousses, bref pas que des blanches anorexiques !), qui donnaient du caractères à n'importe quelle tenue « minimaliste chic », c’était bien ça aussi d’ailleurs, et oui, c’était pas si nul les 90s !

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Nico Lang 「Penis politics: Sex, size and stereotypes in the gay community」

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When it comes to penis size, gay men face a host of preconceptions about masculinity and race

Recent studies have shown that actual penis size is smaller than men are claiming. According to『The Journal Of Sexual Medicine』, the average male penis measures 5.6 inches when erect;『The Journal Of Urology』puts it at a slightly smaller 5.08 inches. This is considerably smaller than previous numbers from Alfred Kinsey, Durex and the Definitive Penis study, which averaged 6.25 inches in their estimates. The difference between the two estimates: surveys like Durex’s rely on self-reporting, and men are likely to overestimate. As Tom Hickman wrote in『God’s Doodle』: “What is incontrovertible is that where men and their penises are concerned there are lies, damned lies, and self measurements.”

Just ask any gay man looking for a hook-up on Grindr. “If a guy tells you his size and you meet up, you realize he must have a different ruler,” said Noah Michelson, editor of The Huffington Post’s Gay Voices section. Michelson believes that the reason men are likely to overreport their penis size is because of the “cultural currency” the gay community places on having a large penis. “I think there’s something to do with internalized homophobia or insecurities about being a man,” Michelson said. “You want to have a big dick and you want to be with a big dick. You want to be with a ‘man.’”

Michelson argued it’s not just about having a large penis; it’s what that penis signifies. “Having a big dick means that you’re ‘masculine’ and you wield a lot of power, because we assign so much power to the phallus itself,” he told me. “You’re a dominator and a conqueror.” Michelson said that this idea is largely informed by pornography, a strong force in shaping desire in the gay community; but for those who don’t fit into that “porn culture,” it leads to a feeling of being left out. “It’s totally a lottery,” Michelson explained. “And you either win it or you don’t.”

According to Jaime Woo, author of the book『Meet Grindr』, which explores how men interact on mobile hookup applications, that game can have very negative consequences for queer men who find themselves on the losing side. That’s why the size issue can seem even more fraught in the gay community than among heterosexuals. “In gay male culture, your sexual worth is very tied to your worth in the community overall,” Woo said. “We don’t have a lot of structure in place for men who aren’t sexually valuable, and they disappear into the background. Gay men have enough issues already, and this is just another way for them to feel bad about themselves, if they’re not packing eight inches under their pants.”

Woo told me that looking for sex on Grindr “makes the expectations much more heightened.” “Grindr has really distorted peoples’ understanding of what average or normal is, and the fact that people can ask if six or seven inches are too small – it’s jaw dropping,” Woo said. “You can be very picky because there is something better around the corner, someone bigger or hotter and someone more your type. It creates a very narrow band of desire.”

Huffington Post writer Zach Stafford argued that in order to hook up, we’re commodifying ourselves for sexual consumption. “On Grindr, you’re literally putting someone in a box,” Stafford explained. “The app’s layout is an actual shelf, like you would see in a grocery store.” In order to participate on the site, Stafford said that you have to learn how to market yourself by those confines. “It’s like being a book on Amazon,” Stafford told me. “You give yourself a little cover and write your summary. You make yourself a product, and when you’re selling yourself, you always go bigger.”

Stafford said our fascination with penis size is inherently tied to capitalism. “Studies have shown that people with larger penises make more money,” Stafford explained. “It’s power in our pants.” Stafford also explained that the correlation between sex and power leads to a skewed power dynamic between tops and bottoms. Research shows that bottoms have smaller penises on average, and are more likely to have penis anxiety and low self-esteem. In an essay for the Huffington Post, Stafford called it “Top Privilege.” Stafford wrote, “In this line of thought, bottoms are seen ‘less than,’ ‘feminine’ or ‘the woman’ because they are the taker of the phallus.”

But it’s not just an issue of money and gender. Race also plays a large part in how gay men read each others’ bodies, especially for black and Asian men, stereotyped at the ends of the size spectrum. Stafford, who is multiracial, said that men will often approach him in bars to ask about his penis, expecting him to conform to the stereotype. “It creates an enormous amount of pressure for black men,” Stafford stated. “Black men are only seen as a tool – a tool of building and a tool of fucking. They’re reduced to a big penis.” In his case, Stafford said men often fall into two camps: “Either white people look at me as a black man with a big dick, or they see me and fetishize me – they want to dominate me.”

Jay Borchert has had the exact opposite experience. A doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan, Borchert (who is white) has frequently dated men of color, causing his romantic experiences to be reduced to a fetish. “People make remarks that I must be in it for the dick,” Borchert told me. “Why can’t I be looking for ass? Why can’t I be looking for mouth? Why can’t I be looking for a person?” People sometimes assume that Borchert adopts the “bottom” role in his sexual relationships, which isn’t the case. Borchert sighed, “It was really frustrating because there’s more to dating and relationships than penis.”

Due to his ethnicity, Thought Catalog writer John Tao has also found himself being put in a box in the bedroom. “Because I’m Asian, I’m automatically categorized as being a bottom,” Tao said. “There’s a perception that I wouldn’t want to top.” Because of this, Tao said that’s the role he’s most often performed in sexual relationships. “All of these people think I’m a bottom, so I’ll just be a bottom,” Mr. Tao explained, “You have to be careful because we internalize these stereotypes about ourselves. Your gay Asian friend might identify as a total bottom, but that could be years of societal expectations.”

Justin Huang, who blogs about his experiences being gay and Chinese at I Am Yellow Peril, agreed that the baggage around penis size can be particularly harmful for Asian-American men. In school, Huang’s friends would often tease him about what they assumed was the size of his penis, which was difficult when coming to terms with his sexual identity. “For a long time, I thought I had a small penis,” Huang explained. “It’s amazing what your brain can train you to see. I didn’t have a lot of respect for my penis. Gay men are emasculated already, so when you’re gay and Asian, you feel doubly emasculated.”

Huang told me that when you’re Asian, you’re expected to perform the stereotype, meaning that guys are very curious to see what’s inside your pants. “I’ve been in straight bars using the bathroom where a guy will lean over and look at my dick, just to see if what they say is true,” Huang said. But Jaime Woo argued that the same isn’t true for white men, whose penis size isn’t policed in the same way. “White men are considered the sexual default, so you’re allowed to have some variability,” Woo said. “White men get to be anything and everything, and there’s no presumption there. So for white men, a big dick is a bonus.”

Huang also argued that these stereotypes are a symptom of our lack of sex education and lack of knowledge about our bodies. “We’re told to hide our penises,” Huang said. “It’s a form of sexual oppression we don’t talk about. You see boobs everywhere. You don’t see penises anywhere, not even HBO. It’s something that’s scandalous and cloaked.” Because of the shame surrounding invisibility, men often place too much emphasis on something so small. “When I think about the guys I’ve been with, I don’t remember the penises,” Huang said. “I remember the boy. A penis doesn’t smile. A penis doesn’t look into your eyes. A penis can’t wrap its arms around you.”

Instead of holding out for an unrealistic fantasy, Justin Huang believes gay men should start embracing each other for exactly who they are. “Gay men need to stop expecting each other to be porn stars,” Huang said. “If you dump a guy just because of his penis size, you are an asshole. So if you love your man, tell him that you like his penis. After all, when you’re dating a guy, you’re dating two people: You’re dating him and you’re dating his penis. We need to start valuing and appreciating both of them.”

Nico Lang is a contributor to Salon, the Daily Dot, Rolling Stone, the Onion AV Club, L.A. Times, Advocate, and the Huffington Post. Lang is the co-editor of the BOYS anthology series and the author of『The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses』.

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Graham Gremore 「Adult Film Star Peter Le Redefines The Asian Male As A Dominant Sexual Force To Be Reckoned With」

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Asian-American adult entertainer and bodybuilder Peter Le (pictured) says he wants to “redefine the Asian male as a dominant sexual force and unleash him on the world” in a new interview with『Queer Hong Kong』.

The California native burst onto the adult entertainment scene in 2001 when he appeared in a spread for『Playgirl』. He did in his first solo adult film shortly after that and quickly become one of the leading Asian gay porn stars in the industry, as well as a gay cultural icon in China.

But it hasn’t been an easy ride for him.

“I always felt that Asian models had to push themselves harder,” Le told『Queer Hong Kong』. “I was told that I wouldn’t go far because I was Asian. So I wanted to break the Asian stereotypes – and there are a lot out there.”

Le says stereotypes of Asian men being quiet, feminine, and submission have plagued him for years. To combat this, he launched the NSFW site PeterFever, one of the top Asian gay porn websites in the United States, in 2008.

“PeterFever features five-foot-four Asian guys topping muscular, six-foot-one Caucasians,” Le explained. “We’re showing that this happens and that there are options out there. Asian men are sexy – and I want us in the spotlight.”

Le was born to Vietnamese parents, but he has enjoyed incredible success in China. On his first visit there, Le says he received an overwhelmingly kind response. “I felt really welcome,” he said, “like I was a part of something bigger. I get a lot of positive feedback from my fans there.”

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Jack Smith 「Interview: Asian-American porn star Peter Le」

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Jack Smith grabs hold of Asian-American gay porn entrepreneur, fitness model and sex icon Peter Le – and has to be pried off him…

After exploding on to the scene in 2001, Peter Le has accumulated a display cabinet groaning with awards for bodybuilding, modelling, gay porn production and e-commerce. Despite having to push back against prejudice (his chosen career led to him being abruptly dropped from the cast of Asian-American 「Jersey Shore」 rip-off, 「K-Town」), Le has gone on to become the biggest Asian gay porn star in history – and a cultural icon in China. But he insists it’s not all about him. His stated mission is much grander: to redefine the Asian male as a dominant sexual force and unleash him on the world.

Born in San Jose, California, to Vietnamese parents, Le admits that, growing up, he had never even considered modelling as a career. He speaks of a fairly typical home environment, where love and affection were communicated with restraint and modesty – possibly the reason why, in person, he is disarmingly genuine and low-key.

After abandoning a psychology degree to focus on his passion – personal training, a subject on which he has written several bestselling books – Le had his first brush with adult entertainment with an October 2001 spread in Playgirl, becoming one of the first Asian models to appear in its pages. Despite the shoot boosting his confidence, he didn’t feel embraced by the modelling industry. “I always felt that Asian models had to push themselves harder,” says Le. “I was told that I wouldn’t go far because I was Asian. So I wanted to break the Asian stereotypes – and there are a lot out there.”

These stereotypes – that Asian men are feminised, passive and non-sexual – followed him wherever he went. It was only by carving out a niche, first as a solo adult performer and then as the owner of America’s leading Asian gay porn website, that he finally created his own battleground upon which to challenge these prejudices. “Back in the 70s, when white gay men saw two Asian men having sex, they called it ‘lesbian sex’,” he says. “Talk about degrading! But PeterFever [Le’s website] features five-foot-four Asian guys topping muscular, six-foot-one Caucasians. We’re showing that this happens and that there are options out there. Asian men are sexy – and I want us in the spotlight.”

Le’s wish to change the image of Asian male sexuality led to his gay porn miniseries – 「The Asiancy」 – which follows a multi-ethnic group of implausibly attractive and relentlessly promiscuous entrepreneurs. There’s a plot, characters and cliffhanger set pieces. And lots and lots of sex. Despite his success and a string of adult industry awards, Le still struggles to find Asian models willing to be on camera. While he would like to source models from China, multiple barriers – including language and social attitudes – make this a challenge, though he constantly receives applications from Chinese men, many of whom are fans.

Actually going to China allowed Le to discover a completely new gay culture in which his race is as much an asset as his looks. Confounding aggressive government restrictions on both making and viewing porn in China, the vast majority of Le’s fanbase is in China – especially in Hong Kong. “It’s my second largest following,” says Le. On his first visit to China, he says he was overwhelmed by the response he received: “I felt really welcome,” he says, “like I was a part of something bigger. I get a lot of positive feedback from my fans there.”

The support and love shown by Le’s Chinese fans has convinced him he needs to learn Putonghua too. “A lot of guys are nervous,” he says. “They hover after a performance. Maybe they don’t see me as a real person, because I’m on the internet. But I want to be good to my fans and leave them with a good impression.”

So, is Le gay, bi or straight? Le prefers not to commit himself to one place on the spectrum. “The public wants to know whether you’re straight or gay – but they can’t define what bi is. My straight friends think I’m too gay and my gay friends think I’m too straight. Let’s leave it at that.” Spoken like a true enigma...

Peter Le’s official website is at It is not even remotely safe for work.

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Ren Hang 任航 「La Chine à nue」

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Ren Hang en expo à la NUE Galerie du 17 janvier au 14 mars 2014 !!
On adore le boulot de ce jeune photographe chinois, qui « poétise la sexualité de la jeunesse chinoise d'aujourd'hui », dixit le dossier de presse. Mettre dans la même phrase : poésie, et sexe, et jeunes, et Chine, et d'aujourd'hui, ça fait un peu bateau, mais en l’occurrence, c'est assez juste, on aurait pas pu mieux synthétiser ! Si vous ne connaissez pas on vous invite vivement à aller voir son travail.

NUE Galerie
Official Website:
Address: 29 rue Méhul 93 500 Pantin
Visite sur rendez-vous - contact: Jean-Marc Sanchez +33(0)664453827
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Girl's Day 걸스데이 「Something」

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Girl's Day 「Something」【썸씽】- from『Everyday 3』released on January 03, 2014.

Après avoir piétiner les plates-bandes de KARA (avec succès), Girl's Day continue de creuser le sillon du concept sexy avec un morceau que SISTAR n'aurait pas renier. C'est plutôt réussi, et la chorégraphie, très SISTAR également, vaut le coup d’œil :

Ça commence très chaud avec une figure au sol dés le début de la chanson, et hop !

Puis, mouvement de doigts suggestif, c'est par où ? C'est par-là...

Enfin, petites génuflexions, c'est bon pour les cuisses.

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