Boys Republic 소년공화국 「Video Game」

Posted on February 20, 2014

Pour 「Video Game」, Boys Republic revient avec ce qui pourrait passer pour de la K-pop de base : chanson bien produite (au rythme robotique vraiment bien, dommage que le vocal soit trop expressif), visuels soignés et chorégraphie millimétrée. Oui, et ben pas seulement, tout cela relève d'un concept super réfléchi :

[Fantasy Trilogy - Fantasy into Reality]

The aim of the Fantasy Trilogy is “Boys Republic to make your fantasy come true.” Boys Republic will release three different titles in the 1H to complete the Fantasy Trilogy and Boys Republic has prepared three different style of music, performance and style to fulfill the fantasy and make it real.

Boys Republic has started the Fantasy Trilogy campaign by releasing concept image on the official SNS channels and putting the posters in central Seoul and other crowd places from 5th, Feb.

[Super Heroes in the Video Game]
「Video Game」 is the first title for Fantasy Trilogy that is produced KT Park and written by Jin Choi and Danish song writer Mage. 「Video Game」 is Hybrid-electronic Trap (H.E.T) genre that has Electronic sound with Trap.

「Video Game」 presents “the journey of reckless boys to be super heroes”.
In the lyrics of 「Video Game」, like a real video game, boys clear up the missions and be the winner of the game and win the love. With the repetitive hook line in the chorus and the heavy intense electronic bass will draw your attention and game sound effect will also entertain your fascination.

The choreography is really eye catching point for 「Video Game」. The choreography reflects the true video game scenes with Canon dance and Airplane dance.

Ah. C'est donc bien ça : chanson bien produite, visuels soignés et chorégraphie millimétrée.

Boys Republic 「Video Game」 (Story Ver.) - sorti le 20 février 2014.

Boys Republic 「Video Game」 (Dance Ver.) - sorti le 20 février 2014.

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