Rik Glauert 「Asian Gay Icon GUY TANG: Journey to The East」

Posted on June 12, 2014

As part of it's recent HUNK ISSUE,『Element』Magazine has published an interview with Asian American gay heartthrob, Guy Tang. Read a snippet below and check out the full editorial in『Element』Magazine's June edition.

Born to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, Asian American Guy Tang has lived in America throughout his life and never been to Asia before. Finally he made a plan to travel around Asia just last year in 2013 and he’s not alone. When he finally accepted the fact that he loves men only back in 2009, he has evolved into one of the very few openly gay icons with an Asian heritage in the community across the world within only 5 years. His erotic photography was widely circulated on the internet. How did he manage to not only come out but to go to another “side of the extreme”? We skyped for an hour interview to find out more about his trip and other things in his life.

So how was the first-ever trip to Asia? Any “cultural shock”?

Yes it was my first time! Initially I thought I’d blend in well in Asia since I’m Asian too but the reality is that people can still tell that I’m American by the way I talk and so on. As for cultural shock I would definitely say the food! The Asian cuisine here in America is so different than what I saw in Asia itself. By that I mean they literally serve chicken head! (laugh…)

Do people recognize you in Asia?

I mean you have so many followers on the internet all across.I had that a couple of times. When I was getting a haircut in Singapore one of the staffs said my name out loud. It was great.

How many Asian countries have you traveled to during this trip?

Oh…We started in Hong Kong, then to Thailand, Singapore, Bali and then back to Hong Kong. I think that’s all…or there’s more? (laugh…)

How’s your hairstyling coming along? Any other things you’re doing or planning to do?

I loooove my job. I’m working with many youtube celebrities like Michelle Fong and a lot others. I’ll be working with Peter Le (again) for work-out tutorials videos. Peter and I are good friends. We’re the only two Asian American who had a website of our own! My other project has been about you guys. I dieted like crazy for the come-back cover shoot! (laugh…)

I heard you didn’t travel alone to Asia. Who’s the lucky one traveling by your side?

My boyfriend. I think we are both lucky to have each other. It all started online and he would sing Mariah’s songs to me (Yes we know how much you love Mariah!), and then one thing led to another…That all I can tell you! It was great to have him by my side during the trip.

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