Angry Homosexual 「5 Signs a Gay White Man is a Rice Queen」

Posted on October 07, 2014
A typical rice queen has many bowls of rice vying for his attention

A rice queen is both a friend and a foe for the gay Asian man. On one hand he represents the opportunity to be with a white man, something so many gay Asians crave. On the other hand, due to the fundamental imbalance in the Asian-White dating market, a relationship is unlikely to last.

A rice queen is a gay white man who primarily or exclusively dates gay Asian men.

Every gay Asian man needs to be on high alert for rice queens. Either you’ll end up with an ugly one that nobody else wants, or you’ll constantly be fighting to keep him because there are umpteen other attractive gay Asians jostling for his attention.

It’s rare that a rice queen will admit to being one, but with a little bit of common sense and detective work, you’ll soon be a rice queen identifying expert.

Five signs a gay white man is a rice queen

1. He messaged you first
If a gay white man messages an Asian first, he’s probably a rice queen.

Most gay white men don’t date Asians. But a small number of them, usually the most open-minded ones, have their first Asian experience. Then they become hooked to the Asian’s boyish, youthful looks and smooth, hairless body.

By the time he messages you, you’re not his first and definitely won’t be his last gay Asian adventure.

2. He has a lot of Asian friends
Asians are everywhere and it’s nice to see interracial friendships blossoming. But if a disproportionate number of his friends are Asians, there’s something more than random selection going on.

Further, if his profile picture features him as the only white guy among two or more Asians, you’ve got a smoking gun on your hands.

He’s probably slept with many of these “friends” in the past. If you get involved, chances are you’ll become part of his vast trophy collection. “Yup, had him.”

3. His profile picture was taken in Asia

The Great Wall? Taipei 101? The Tokyo subway?

Asia is a rice queen’s mecca. From the moment he steps off the plane and switches on Jack’d, his phone is on the brink of exploding with welcomes and invitations from gay Asians barely old enough to drive. No matter how old or ugly a rice queen is, he’s a movie star in Asia.

Visiting Asia is a rite of passage for rice queens. Those with the means will generally return at least once a year. Rice queens who frequently travel to Asia are the most dangerous type, as they’re gleefully aware of how replaceable you are.

4. He has Chinese characters in his profile
He might have a Chinese name or slip a few Chinese movie or book titles in his interests. In extreme cases whole sections of his profile may be in Chinese characters, which you may not even be able to read. These rice queens are among the most sophisticated out there. He probably speaks Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Thai/Vietnamese etc. better than you.

Run... don’t walk away. Here’s a rice queen who’s so experienced at his art he’s learned to do it in your language.
5. He’s a lot older than you
A rice queen could be around your age, but chances are he’ll be at least 10 years older than you. Since his desirability only drops slightly with age, a rice queen can, even at fairly advanced ages, land himself a Grade A gay Asian.

You’ve been warned

Now get out there and have fun. Just don’t complain to me when your Asian youth has worn off and you’ve been cast into the rust heap section of the bar where no white man will touch you with a ten foot dildo. I told you so. :)