G-Dragon 권지용 feat. Sky Ferreira 「Black」

Posted on September 13, 2013

G-Dragon feat. Sky Ferreira 「Black」 - from『COUP D'ETAT』released on September 13, 2013.

GD’s latest brainchild,『COUP D'ETAT』– which was released digitally in two parts last week – is the result of that creative independence. Breaking out of the K-pop box,『COUP D'ETAT』is an eclectic mix of hip-hop, dubstep, rock, electro, and pop. It’s also G-Dragon’s most international release to date, with appearances from Diplo, Baauer, Missy Elliott, Boys Noize, and Sky Ferreira. And that’s not to mention G-Dragon’s core team of Korea-based all-stars, including longtime producers Teddy and Choice37.

To document a global collaboration requires a global pursuit. So, for The Making of G-Dragon’s『COUP D'ETAT』, we called, emailed, text-messaged, Kakao Talked, and met face to face with all of the key players behind the album – starting and ending with, of course, the most important person in the process: G-Dragon himself.

About the song 「Black」:

Teddy: “That’s been in my computer for two years. The original version has me rapping on the first verse and Lydia singing on the hook. I liked it, and I wanted to keep it for myself, since it was very personal. But then GD heard it one day, and went, “Oh, shit. Let me get on this.” [Laughs.].

G-Dragon: “It’s a love song; it’s a bit more personal. When you have a girlfriend, there are many things that are irritating every day, every night. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but when you fight, it gets really annoying. You can’t do anything, so you end up just getting angry by yourself. Like punching the wall, or throwing your cell phone across the room. You know those types of feelings.”

Teddy: “As soon as he took it, he did the second verse. I thought it was going to be hard for him to write the second verse and stay on topic, since the record’s so vague and personal. But surprisingly he nailed it.

“Like 「R.O.D.」 the hook was a process. Sky Ferreira recorded a version. Lydia had the original version in English. Then the boss came in, and pointed out that this song needs to be bigger, and said we should make a Korean version of the hook. So GD and I wrote the hook one day, and I recorded Jennie myself two days later. I don’t know much about Jennie’s personal information, but YG recommended that she’d be perfect for the song. Jennie heard Lydia’s demo like 10 times, and we recorded her version of the hook in less than five days before the album dropped.”

Sky Ferreira: “I met with CL from 2NE1 when I was in Korea. She brought me to the studio where G-Dragon was making his record. They were like, ‘Sky, we have this song that we want you to sing on.’ And I did it. When they played it back, it sounded cool, but so different from anything I would do on my own. But it reminded me of stuff that I really like, that late ’80s and early ’90s R&B.”

G-Dragon: “Overall, when you love someone, it’s a bright feeling for the most part. But 「Black」 is dark, and the more you get sucked into it, it gets darker. So I wrote about those feelings and emotions. And personally, I really liked the lyrics for the chorus.”

G-Dragon’s Instagram updates: “Never embarrassing* @skyferreira she loves #복분자” (Korean fruit wine)