Sebastian Castro 「Feel The Bern」

Posted on February 27, 2016

Sebastian Castro 「Feel The Bern」 - posted on February 27, 2016.

thanks for watching. now, don’t bother paying. i would rather you download this new single online free and donate the money you would have spent to bernie sander’s grassroots campaign instead.

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this music video is not just an endorsement of bernie sanders. it is my loudest possible condemnation of trickle down economics and the neo-liberal policies they have espoused.

i see bernie as the american counter part to a greater world-wide progressive movement, one that holds wall street/corporate interests responsible for the boom and bust cycles plaguing our global economy, demands better enforced regulatory oversight, calls for campaign finance reform (along with immediate removal of Citizens United), denounces unfair corporate-created trade agreements (like NAFTA, TPP), fights for climate change, denounces the privatization of health care, education, for-profit prisons which have brutally disproportionately harmed blacks/minorities, fights for greater LGBT/womens’ rights, and one that calls BULL SHIT when pundits and faux-liberal think tanks claim social safety net programs (like education/healthcare/minimum wage/social security) are unaffordable.

if the mainstream media spent half as much time questioning our ability to fund corporate welfare and endless war as they do health care and education, they might still have an ounce of credibility.

this "feel the bern" music video may be provocative and unapologetic, but it does so to best relay one unsettling reality--YOU ARE GETTING SCREWED. we are all getting screwed, and the only way we will improve our circumstances is if we collectively increase our awareness and act.

i am not going to stand and here and claim the infallible bernie can do no wrong, but given his decades long track record against big money interests, he has proven his authenticity. our corrupt campaign finance system has given hillary every possible advantage, and yet by nothing short of a grassroots miracle, bernie has surged his way to national polls. WE DID THAT.

and now we need to go further. we are 3 days away from super tuesday, the day in which the largest number of state primaries will help determine the presidential nominee of the democratic party. now more than ever, we americans need to engage the political process. knock on doors. open apps. call old friends. and PHONE BANK, BRO. together, we can get a real progressive in that white house.

just another bernie supporter,