ANDA 안다 「Touch」

Posted on June 04, 2015

ANDA 「Touch」 - released on June 4, 2015.

ANDA Provides Sexy, LGBT-Friendly 「Touch」

We just realized that it’s actually rare for us to review soloists here. Weird. So, we’re looking at ANDA’s 「Touch」 for a soloist review. The MV is different, semi-erotic, and hints heavily at lesbian romance, a bold move for an artist making a career in a conservative country!

Song and Lyrics
On the surface, the lyrics for 「Touch」 are fairly simple. The verses don’t have a lot to them, and there’s a lot of repetition. However, ANDA delivers the song in such a way that it doesn’t sound repetitive. This is a major reason why 「Touch」 is successfully performed because it sounds a bit more complex than the lyrics suggest.

Of course, the lyrics contain more than what’s on the surface. Based on the MV and the lyrical arrangement, it’s clear the 「Touch」 refers to foreplay while the “clap” is actual intercourse. The rhythm of the chorus matches along with the stereotypical image and movement sex with the rocking of hips. Combined, everything points to 「Touch」 being about sex.

The sexual encounter is meant to be discrete. “don’t ask anyone No/don’t inform anyone No.” She also wants her lover to help her feel ready for the sexual encounter. “You gotta show me I’m all ready.” The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and a fast abandoning of all inhibition. She wants to forget everything about her unhappy life and just have sex.

As mentioned, delivery is important. The song itself could have been bland, but the music kicked it up a few notches. Pair this with ANDA’s monotone, nearly-emotionless face in the MV, we have a song that says “let’s do this” in beat; lyrics that suggest secret romance and unsureness; and ANDA who looks used to it and mink-like. Combined, this is an explosive act that should make people talk.

ANDA fuses sex appeal, weirdness, and lesbianism into one MV... in Korea. This is another one of those exciting MVs that pushes boundaries and could generate a lot of controversy.

The MV takes place late at night (being kept in the dark, so to say), giving it both a sexy and intimate feel. ANDA is sensual and sexual in a believable way that most other idols struggle to depict (sorry HyunA). Besides nighttime being a time for sex, it also makes ANDA seem more isolated from the cares of the outside world and focused on her sexual experiences.

The editing of the MV creates subtly weird moments that prevent the MV from ever becoming boring. ANDA can’t seem to get naked because the camera editing makes her appear like she has an endless number of layers of clothes. This allows the viewer to watch erotic disrobing moments over and over again. Also, the fact that ANDA just can’t get naked (even in the bathtub) could be a symbol of how she wants to explore lesbianism, but has a hard time quite getting there because of cultural expectations. But as it gets later at night, anything becomes possible. But there is never a point in the MV where she seems conflicted about her sexual urges, so she is willing to gently push societal expectations to the side.

The MV isn’t romantic at all, which is another way that it is revolutionary for a K-Pop MV. it is entirely about sex and ANDA’s own pleasure. She appears to have an endless number of sexual partners and doesn’t seem to care about which one she is with. The spinning bottle is a game in which the one spinning the bottle kisses whomever the bottle lands on. This demonstrates how indifferent ANDA is to whom she is with.

Both ANDA’s dance and the jumpy, guerrilla style filming and editing gives the MV a thrusting feeling that mimics sexual intercourse, just like as described in the lyrics. While some parts of the video loop, other parts seem to be in real time, especially ANDA’s face. This is a type of rebellion against logic and convention that is synchronous with the rebellion against heteronormativity.

The other women either move in slow motion or are completely still. Their faces are either not shown or are difficult to see and emotionless. This is because they are not meant to be actual people, but are instead meant to represent her own sexual interests, which mostly include oral sex.

The dance isn’t as sexy as some other K-Pop dances, but it’s effective. The dance is meant to be highly seductive because it symbolizes her attempts to seduce her lover.

Besides the blatant imagery of female-on-female action, there are different symbols throughout, especially in the beginning, of which viewers should pay attention.

Michael Korda『The Immortals』: There is a brief glimpse of Korda’s book『The Immortals』. The story is a fictionalized telling of Marilyn Monroe’s affairs with John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy while she is married to New York Yankees great Joe DiMaggio. The book covers Monroe’s affairs, sexual escapades, and eventual downfall due to drugs, booze, and sex. While told from the perspective of an outside narrator through most of the book, it’s easy to feel the sin and plight of one woman who was one Hollywood’s biggest stars and two of politics biggest celebrities in the Kennedy brothers. When paired with the MV, the affairs are what people should notice from the book. The MV features a lot of scandalous action from hinted at orgies and threesomes and same-sex sexual contact. Some consider multiple sex partners – even at the same time – cheating. Plus, ANDA is covering a topic that is gaining acceptance in other countries, so she is becoming an immortal in some circles for showing acceptance for same-sex relations.

The Lily: In Japanese, “Yuri” means lily, and it’s used for “girl love” in Japanese anime and manga. The lily is a prominent theme through the MV, appearing in almost all the scenes. So lily equals Yuri equals not-so-subtle hints at lesbianism. The flowers can be seen blooming in a vase and in ANDA’s hand at key points, like when she’s singing between another woman’s legs, possibly suggesting that oral sex may have occurred or will occur eventually.

The Apple: The apple appears at the beginning of the MV and is shown in the mouths of two women. The apple connects to Adam and Eve and original sin.『The Bible』states homosexuality is a sin. By taking a bite of the apple, the women are committing two sins according to『The Bible』: Eating the forbidden fruit and engaging in the forbidden fruit of same-sex relations.

The Nightgown: The nightgown covers all of ANDA. As she tries to remove it, it remains. This is a symbol of conservatism and how anything sexy or seemingly promiscuous is frowned upon in society.

Jenga: Conservative infrastructure. The tower is weakened as there are pieces missing. These pieces could represent how some artists are getting away with sexier themes and dances and how certain things are becoming more acceptable. There’s still one piece that needs removed to send the tower down, but that piece keeps growing back. This is the remaining bit of censorship that’s not going away anytime soon.

Bubble Wand: Clitoris. It’s a small nub of a wand. The bursting bubble represents orgasming or “popping the cherry” when one loses her virginity.

Removal of Underwear: As ANDA removes her undergarments, she is still clothed. This suggests it’s okay to be sexy and sexual, just don’t do it in public and don’t do it in an unacceptable way. This scene also features two women making out on touching on the couch while a third lies nearby. This is a reminder of sin.

Blue: The color blue appears a lot in the MV. Blue symbolizes immortality and depth. The blue in this case connects to the book The Immortals and becoming a legend. ANDA is often in blue. In the scenes where blue is viewed, there’s something going on in the background, so there is always more than meets the eye (depth). Blue is also the color of hope, so there is also hope for equality and acceptance.

「Touch」 is one of the more unique MVs in recent months because it does push the envelope of what is considered “acceptable” in some cultures. It’s playful, flirty, and sexy and the hints at the deeper meaning aren’t subtle. This is a video that should create a dialogue, so we’ll see what happens with it, but it is one that should be watched more than once because it does push the envelope. We’re actually surprised it hasn’t been dragged out in negative conversations because it actually is more sexual than MVs like Stellar’s 「Marionette」 or 4L’s 「Move」, the latter of which did cover lesbianism and was bashed heavily due to the dance. Of course, teasers and marketing probably didn’t help 4L or Stellar because of the ever-ready and always vocals Netizens, and ANDA is from a smaller company and didn’t have many teasers indicating a comeback. Perhaps she just slipped under the radar enough to escape ire. Either way, we applaud her boldness.

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