Darren Wong 「A Day with Howard」

Posted on June 22, 2015

『iFitness』speaks with go-go dancer Howard Chang to understand what it takes to perfect the craft of go-go dancing

When did you start out as a go-go dancer?

It was about four years ago when I first attended a concert party called 「Nude」 in Osaka, Japan, where I performed as a go-go dancer.

How is go-go dance different from other types of dance?

In my opinion, go-go dancing is about the atmosphere and the interaction with the crowd, and at the same time creating fun and exciting moments with them. The dance movements flow with these moments, and the body grooves along with the music to express a kind of sexiness. I think it’s a little different from other kinds of dance.

How popular is go-go dance?

It is quite popular. Besides Thailand, many Asian and western countries are also trending the go-go dance, simply because it is the different experiences it can bring to the guests in a party. That is also why organisers are always looking for refreshing and interesting ideas to justify the prices of the go-go dance tickets.

Is there a stereotype to this genre of dance?

I’m not sure what others think about this genre of dance, but regardless of that, what a performer truly wants is to excite the audience and create moments of joy.

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Author: Darren Wong/Date: June 22, 2015/Source: http://www.ifitnessmag.com/a-day-with-howard/