SISTAR 씨스타 × Giorgio Moroder 「One More Day」

Posted on November 22, 2016

SISTAR × Giorgio Moroder 「One More Day」 - released on November 22, 2016.

Bradley Stern 「‘One More Day’: Sistar’s Giorgio Moroder Collaboration Is an LGBT Vengeance Thriller」

Well, here’s a K-pop music video concept you probably didn’t see coming.

Sistar, one of the reigning troupes on the South Korean girl group scene, recently teamed up with the legendary Giorgio Moroder for a brand new collaboration, called 「One More Day」. The East-West pairing alone is worth talking about – as is the pulsating, dance floor-friendly production – but it’s actually the accompanying visual, which doesn’t even star the girls of Sistar themselves, that’ll probably have everyone talking.

The LGBT-oriented narrative, which follows two young women at the heart of a love triangle gone rather dark, is something like a cross between t.A.T.u. and 「The Handmaiden」. It’s certainly more risqué than the usual gleeful, choreography-filled bulk of idol music videos: from torrid lesbian affairs to domestic abuse to one rather violent demise. (And yes, even the music maestro Giorgio himself makes a split-second cameo.)

Sistar first debuted the song live in October at the 2016 DMC Festival, with a very attentive Giorgio Moroder looking on proudly from the audience. The track then made its studio version and music video debut today (Nov. 22 in South Korea).

Watch above, and check out their debut performance of 「One More Day」 below.

SISTAR × Giorgio Moroder 「One More Day」 (2016 DMC Festival) - posted on October 08, 2016.

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