N’jaila Rhee 「Catching the Fever: Interview with Peter Le」

Posted on May 21, 2010

I had a chance to interview Peter Le and found out that this man is the full package – brawn, beauty and brains.

Author of three books available now, and one soon to be available, Le is a fitness expert, former collegiate athlete and personal trainer.

He gave me the opportunity to learn more about him and what he has planned for his super hot site PeterFever.com

How did you get into nude modeling?

Interesting story, it was back when I was in college, I used to wrestle over at Fresno state. One of my friends on the team was asked by a photographer to go to a testing shoot for『Playgirl』. They have a campus hunk edition every year back then, this was in 2000. So I decided to go with him. We did some test shoots; they called me back and a few weeks later. That how my whole modeling career got started.

What other magazines have you shot for?

I did some other magazines then I stopped, I did『Playgirl』, I did『Freshman』,『Torso』. Some other ones I can’t remember off the top of my head. From there, I stated personal training and one of my clients was a photographer and her told me that I should get back in modeling and he took some test shots.

After that I put some of my pictures on modelmayhem.com and that’s when I started getting a lot of hits. I debated with myself, why am I getting so many hits on model mayhem? So I decided to create a site where people could pay for it to see more of my photos.

I can see that making good money

What so cool about that is there is not that many Asians out there with their own websites, so it’s more of a niche and once I got started I really didn’t have any competition.

Who do you think is your main audience in your site?

I think mainly men, gay men that like Asian guys. I also have a facebook fan page it tells me how many are men and how many are female so its probably about 98% men on the website. (Laughs) and I’m okay with that that’s fine.

What is your orientation, if you don’t mind me asking?

Oh, sexual orientation? I try not to label myself.

You are so my type of guy.


Tell me about your other site?

Well, I became really demanded when I trained in the Bay Area and I had a lot of clients, and I didn’t really have the time to train everybody so I hired some helpers. Trainers that would train some of my clients, I just had too many people to train and not enough time. Then I decided, shoot – I need to put myself on auto mode.

I thought about this after I read this book called the『Four Hour Work Week』and it really changed my life. I figured it would be better to write a book about how to train clients to get where they want and put it online and take it from there. I’d rather spend most of my time, or the free time I have on things I want to do. You know, when I started personal training I did it because I liked training I liked working on my body – but after a while when you hobby becomes your job its not fun anymore.

(Sigh) I know how that feels

Yeah (laugh)

What kinds of things are in the book? Is it workouts, lifestyle changes?

Its more of a philosophies and theories that I’ve debunked. A lot of people have a lot of advice about fitness and they all contradict each other. I focus on what works for you and what you need to get your bulk up.

The book is more about gaining muscle than losing fat. My audience is usually men and most guys are trying to bulk up and get that six-pack abs, so it’s more focused towards them.

I also have a pictorial book that shows you the exercise with its proper form that recommended. I also have a second book that’s coming out and I don’t know what to do with it.

What kind of book is it?

It’s a cougar work out book.

Okay I’m going to need you to expand on that. (Laughs)

Well they have a different sort of attitude toward fitness then girls in their early 20s. Most older women want to work out just enough to get a good physique so they can go on with their lives, the 20 year old doesn’t mind spending all that time in the gym.

Cougars have a different philosophy. The book is more about changing your lifestyle: eating and working out correctly so you have time to do other things as well.

Well, I’m definitely not cougar age yet, What kind of advice do you have for us younger girls – I’m trying to get fit so I can get back on that pole. I have a print journalism degree its about as useful as used toilet paper. What are the top three things I should do to get fit?

Top three things... Okay. Number one, you need to lift heavy. No matter what people say. A lot of people tell females they should lift 12-15 reps for each exercise. So you have to lift heavy. It’s the only way you’re going to boost your metabolism and really get a fit sculpted body.”

Oh? Well what’s heavy? I have ten pounds weights at home will they work?

Oh man, (laughs) that’s not going to do you any good. Your going to spend a lot more time with those ten pounds then if you tried say, 100 pounds

Oh jeez

Yeah, I’m serious I see a lot of girls in the gym and they stick with cardio or they stick with small dumbbells and they never go to the heavier side – the free weights. You really gotta push yourself.

Won’t that give me bulky man muscles?

I hear that a lot and – no. With all my clients I measure them. I’m more of a statistics kinda guy. I measure their bodies every week to see what works and getting bulky... No. That only happens when you eat more than you’re supposed to that you’ll add on weight.

If you’re lifting heavy and you’re losing weight your body will not get any bigger. It will get smaller; it goes with your weight. So, lets say you weight 150 and you getting a lot strong and lifting more than you ever did, eventually your measurements will go down and you’ll weight like 130.

What work outs do you think would get me back on the pole fastest?

I would recommend a dead lift. It’s a power exercises that people do in the Olympics. You use your whole entire body. If I had to pick one work out to work your whole body that would be my choice.

Is that the thing where you have a big weight on the dumbbell and lift it over your head?

No not over your head, you just stand up with it while your hands are holding the bar.

That sounds dangerous.

That would be the best exercise for your body.

Okay, I’ll try that the next time I’m at the gym, but if I kill myself the blood is on your hands. Is that also in your pictorial book? Is that available now?

Yes if you go on PetePhysique.com when you buy one book you get all three and that is included. You get the work out routine, the manual and the pictorial.

Good to know! Okay now this is pretty informational but this is BlasianBytch.com so you know I have to ask you: What workouts help in the bedroom?

Oh... hmm... Squats.

Is this for men or for women?

For females?

Both would be cool.

Squats, that’s the king of all legwork outs and both girls and guys like the booty and that’s my great way to work out for that. So it not only gets the person in bed with you, but you use your legs a lot if you like positions were you stand up or move around a lot in. So yeah that’s number one.

Number two: Crunches, you’re always using hips to thrust or holding yourself up in different positions.

Three – You have to do cardio, you need stamina in the bedroom. You don’t want to be a one pump chump.

No, definitely need less of those. (Laughs) Speaking of pumping, I have to say looking at the loads of pics on your site; you have a very pretty penis.

(Laugh) Thank you.

Will PeterFever.com ever move into more hardcore territory or are you just comfortable with what’s offered on your site?

I’m pretty comfortable with what’s offered on my site right now. After we did the redesign of the website, we’ve had more subscribers. More people that would just browse are becoming members. I’m doing one thing at a time first.

I don’t want to rush into anything because I want to know what’s working first. I want to know if it’s the redesign of the website or if I’m doing more of this or that. Everything I do I want to make sure I can measure if what I’m doing it correct and worth it. My next move, at least what I’ve discussed with my webmaster, is to start doing jack off videos.

Oh, really sounds good to me.

It would be good, but I’m also thinking would it hurt my career as well, just recently I did a casting call for a MTV thing, called 「Ktown」.

Is that an MTV thing, I thought Tyrese was doing that?

Well, at first it was connected through MTV, there were three producers, but while I was at the casting call I saw Tyrese, and I was like “What’s he doing here?” and I found at later that he was also producing the show. So I have no clue what’s going on.

What got you interested in doing 「Ktown」?

I’m not sure, I’m assuming you’ll be in a house with 7 other people, and there will be booze partying and drama.

Do you usually bring the drama?

I don’t think I have that much drama unless another person starts it. I’m a real person so and I’m going to be true to myself even on camera.

How do you think the audition went?

I think I would be great on it, I could bring a lot of attention to the show. I also have a kinda funky lifestyle. A lot of people say I’m a borderline gay porn star. I’m kinda a gay porn star but I’m not trying to go in that direction I’m more of a solo, for myself right now.

I can understand that.

Yeah, (laughs) I get a lot of attention because there aren’t that many Asian porn stars out there.

How do you feel about that? Before starting my site I never realized how asexual the Asian man in the media had become. Do you think that sites like yours – well I think you have the only site like yours, an Asian muscle worship site, – Do you think sites like yours can change that image do you think we can go about changing that image?

Hmm, do I think its changing? So far I think it is, right now most Asian guys are focused on school, and careers and not thinking about selling themselves – their bodies – For me . I’m a personal trainer and a body builder. I’m more selling my face, my looks and my body. Going into that direction was life for me.

For other Asians trying to get into the market they would really have to stand out from what most people think of Asian guys. Most people think of someone that doesn’t work out, is sorta shy, nerdy. You know what I’m talking about. So I stand out and it created a niche on the market.

If you were to do hardcore, would you just do gay? What are your limits?

I would probably do both, I like getting publicity and attention from both areas.

You are so my favorite person right now!

(Laughs) Why thank you, I hear that a lot, kidding.

I’m quite sure you do (laughs)

Yeah, I thought about it,(hardcore) I’m debating if right now if I should do a J.O video right now.

What’s that?

Oh, that’s jack off.

OH! Okay, can you tell me what’s on PeterFever.com right now, how far do you go?

Right now, I pretty much to everything except for cumming on the video. I might stroke here and there to tease people. I just haven’t gone further than that yet. So far we have over 1100 photos and about 45 plus videos right now.

Why no orgasm on video?

Well, I haven’t thought about that yet. I think once I start orgasming on camera I’m pretty much considered an adult entertainer.

(Laugh) Aww it’s not so bad a title.

(Laugh) I guess it would be a good conversation starter at parties. In the bay area you have a lot of engineers, so every party you hear “Oh yeah I’m an engineer” or “I do something techy.” If I tell people I’m an adult entertainer people might start turning their heads. They might want to learn a little bit more.

Did you growing up, did you ever think this is what you’d be doing? Was it a shock or were you always kind of a sexual person?

Oh man, I was always a sexual person. Back in high school most of the guys after wrestling don’t want to look at each other, but during college it sort of becomes okay to take a shower with other men. I was at that stage in high school where I didn’t really care.

Everyone had a penis, it wasn’t anything different. So when I would do photoshoots and the photographer told me ‘okay now its time to take off your clothes and try to get hard’ it was pretty natural to me. I didn’t think anything of it until my friend asked me ‘what did you do’ and I said ‘I just did what he told me to.’

I never felt uncomfortable basically. Its natural to me.

How does that work? You know getting hard on cue, do you just snap a finger and it goes up?

(Laughs) I wish it were that easy. Usually when you have a photo shoot you have a DVD player so you can watch porn and do your thing. Before it used to be magazines.

So what kind of porn do you like?

Umm, all types. Nothing in particular, I’m always trying to look for something different.

On your site you have a lot of pictures of you and your very attractive penis. I would actually say in the top 5 cocks I’ve seen, – like 1 or 2. Do you ever feel intimidated by being a representation of Asian manhood?

I actually do, I feel I’m the front person for Asian guys doing adult entertainment stuff. I’m always trying to encourage other people with the looks, body, potential, and want to get into the business.

You are my Jesus, just keep delivering! Yes more hot guys please! Hot Asian guys in porn, I support that. I support you and your mission, sir.

(Laugh) Well I’m trying but its pretty hard. I wanted to expand Peterfever.com and have peter and friends, but its hard finding guys.

I think I know every straight Asian guy working in porn right now... and there are like 5.

Only five?

That I know of, yeah.

Which I always thought was funny, I grew up in NJ a pretty diverse place I never thought anything of Asian guys as different as anyone else. A lot of times when there’s a non-Asian dating an Asian, people label it a fetish or they have “yellow fever”

I think that’s more for females, when you see an Asian girl going out with a white guy. Most of the time people say ‘that guy has yellow fever.’ I think sometimes when you do something in excess it becomes the opposite.

For example if you date a lot of black men after a while you just get tired of it and you say ‘okay I need something new’ and you switch over to try something else. I think that’s perfectly normal. It’s more society.

The more chances you have to do something to excess the more people will start doing the total opposite. Especially in NJ right I don’t think there’s that many Asian people there.

Omg there are tons. Yeah the town I grew up in Palisades Park is like 30% Korean or Asian, and its super diverse. NJ is the melting pot.

Oh that’s cool, that’s like the Bay Area of California.

Speaking of which what is your ethnicity?

I am full Vietnamese.

Groovey, this is kinda weird but you have the same name as my ex boyfriend and same tattoo in the same place, but he was Korean. Very different physice and penis size unfortunately

(Laughs) Its funny when I go to Asia I get a mixture of people guessing what I am. I don’t really have full Vietnamese features or full Korean or Chinese. When I go to Thailand a lot of people believed I was Thai. Its always funny when people try to guess.

Do you think being ethnically ambiguous helps?

It does help, you stand out and look different. If you think Vietnamese or Korean you think about a certain kind of look. When someone stands out as not looking as anything in particular it stands you out more.

Can you speak Vietnamese?

I can but not that well, I only speak it to my parents.

What do you see yourself doing in five years?

I do not know. I’m at a point where I’m not going to personal train anymore. I’m moving to Arizona now and figuring out what I’m going to do next. I also have a friend in New York. I see this as my time to relax and not do anything. When you’re younger you do things for fun even though its not productive or make you any money you do it because you enjoy it.

I used to play video games, and then so many people were like, “you’re wasting your time, so I stopped.” Everything I did was for making money. Right now I’m leaving my business in the bay area and moving to Tusan.

The Peter Fever stuff I do maybe once a month that leaves me with three and a half weeks of doing something I want to do. I have enough where I can support myself on the website.

You play games? I’m a huge gamer-geek. What was your thing?

In college I used play Warcraft. Not World of Warcraft. Warcraft 3

AH! I used to rock at that! I’m pretty excited for Starcraft 2.

Yeah I’ve been seeing videos of that on youtube, thinking about getting it, maybe on a console. I’m actually trying to be a minimalist. I’m trying to get rid of a lot of things I don’t need. Have you ever seen that movie up in the air?

No. Nothing blew up, so I usually wait for movies like that to hit Netflix.

Ah, well basically I want to carry all my belongings in a suitcase. I want to be mobile, where I can just pick up and leave and live in a new place for a few months.

Hmmm that would make hooking up a lot easier.

That’s why I’m trying to get rid of everything and have a simpler life?

Do you think you could ever return to a 9 to 5 again?

I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Ever since I did that I decided I’ll always have my own business. I’m thinking about blogging.

Well let me tell you it’s HARD, but if you love writing then it’s totally worth it. When do you do to keep yourself centered when not being “Peter Fever?”

Well I’m not very religious but I’m spiritual. I read a lot of spiritual books but after a while they get pretty redundant and talk about the same things. I meditate and every year I go to a hugging saint. I try to find more meaning in life.

Has working in the adult world every caused friction in your life?

My parents, when they first found out about my site they were really upset. It was pretty tough, they thought it was degrading. They think I’m selling myself short. The way I think about it is: its just work. This is better than having a 9-5 work week and I have more time to do the things I wanna do.

Do you ever feel stigmatized working in the adult industry?

I get stereotyped by people that are not in the adult industry. They think I’m out there having sex with a bunch of people not wearing condoms and whatever. All we do it have sex. It’s totally different. People that are in the industry know that and know what is going on.

So you aren’t out there having sex?

Well no, I’m a really sexual person, but once I find the right person. I tend to stick with one partner; I’m not the type of person that has a lot of casual sex with different people. After a while it gets boring.

Do you consider what you do pornography or degrading?

I don’t think it’s degrading at all, we live in a capitalistic society. If you have something you should capitalize on it, be it your body or TVs or whatever. One thing for me was selling my look and the fantasy basically.

If I say I do artistic nudes it sounds a lot better to my parents but it’s all the same.

I’d buy it (laugh) Describe the fantasy you’re selling?

I’m showing myself as a hot Asian guys waiting to have fun. I’m waiting for you since you’ve been at work and I’m just waiting to jump in bed with you. That’s the fantasy.

Do you think fantasies for men and fantasies for women are any different?

Well, it’s a little different; when I talk to guys they tell me about their fantasies. For females I don’t think females are as comfortable talking to a man about their fantasies unless they are being intimate with him.

Most girls don’t want to admit that they like porn or sex. The whole society, people over in Europe talk about sex like its nothing, even has casual sex like its nothing. Over here in America, it’s a sin to have sex before marriage, or think about sex with another person its bad. We’re humans, we’re animals that’s natural. You know.

What do you see in the future for PeterFever and PetePhysique?

I’m trying to focus more of my direction more on PetePhysicque.com, its more mainstream. I want to concentrate on writing more books and possibly sponsoring a product for fitness.

For PeterFever, the whole idea behind it was to have artistic nudes. It became more and more erotic, direction wise its pretty much up in the air. I think PeterFever is going to be on the Internet for a very very long time.

I would love to make another site just for other hot Asian guys in the future as well.

I hope I’ll be contacted the moment that happens

(Laughs) Will do.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to my readers?

Go to PeterFever.com, there will be the hottest Asian Guy on the internet waiting to fulfill all your fantasy needs. On the front page there is a tour button with clips and a peek at what’s inside.

For more Peter Le you can check out his site PeterFever.com and Petephysique.com. You can also check him out on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

You can also read my follow up interview with Mr. L here.

Author: N’jaila
N’jaila Rhee grew up in north New Jersey and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication media from Rutgers University in 2009. Rhee began exotic dancing while attended classes at Rutgers, and still dances at special events. Currently working professionally in media in the NYC metro area, she enjoys writing erotica, eating Nilla wafers and giggling at the word “balls.”

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