Daniel Villarreal 「The 10 Best Shirtless Pics from this Instagram of Hot Asian Dudes」

Posted on April 11, 2017
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When Korean drag queen Kim Chi performed her original song 「Fat, Fem and Asian」 on the Season 8 finale of 「RuPaul’s Drag Race」, she was referencing a exclusionary statement that pops-up a lot on personal sites and hook-up apps: “no fats, fems or Asians.”

It’s depressingly common, but, as we’ve explained before, many people have unwittingly had their sexual preferences shaped by a long history of racist U.S. laws that emasculated Asian men. This, along with unflattering pop-culture depictions of Asian guys as over-sexed, heavily accented stereotypes, have made people biased against Asians as a whole.

But when someone says “No Asians,” they’re not only exposing themselves as close-minded – imagine all the fun and interesting Asian men they’ll never meet – but they’re also delivering a blow to Asian people’s self-esteem, reinforcing the idea that Asian guys just aren’t sexually attractive, which is ridiculous.

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To “challenge the negative stereotypes existing out there about Asian men and to also embrace and appreciate beautiful Asian men around the world,” a man named Hoon Bae from Los Angeles, California has started an Instagram account entitled 「WolfeGuys」 which features black-and-white photos of sexy Asian men.

Bae’s project seems like a cross between a male physique pictorial and a men’s fashion magazine. It has steamy photos of shirtless, muscular Asian dudes, but also has artistic photographs of handsome, stylishly clothed men. Together, they present an intimate and erotically-charged view of Asian men we don’t often see in gay media.

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Personally, we’d love to see an Instagram or Tumblr dedicated to fat, femme Asian guys; we’ve met some really attractive, charming ones in our days. Sharing them with the larger world could help change minds to a point where personal profiles start proclaiming, “Yes fats, fems and Asians.”

Author: Daniel Villarreal/Date: April 11, 2017/Source: https://hornetapp.com/stories/hot-asian-guys-instagram/