Phil Villeneuve 「An interview with Chunk and MASSIVE」

Posted on September 19, 2017
MASSIVE creator Anne Ishii. A meaty selfie from Danny, AKA DJ Cake By The Pound.

「Chunk」 is a party that started nearly 10 years ago by hunky beast-man Danny Buchanan. MASSIVE is a brand, a manga legacy, and lifestyle created by Anne Ishii after she got tired of smuggling porn from Japan to her friends in the U.S.

「Chunk」 and MASSIVE are joining forces to throw a party at the Black Eagle Toronto this month, and we wanted to find out a bit more about them. Here’s our threeway (interview.)

Hi Chunk! Hi MASSIVE!
Anne, hi. Can you explain to Toronto’s queer community what MASSIVE is all about? And how this became your baby?

Anne: I was kidnapped by a centaur whose biological clock was ticking down (he was turning 98) but it was actually a 26-year-old gay manga loving videographer named Graham Kolbeins. I was struck with Stockholm Syndrome and nine months later we birthed this monster called MASSIVE. And seriously this is as close as it gets to the truth – I was smuggling porn from Japan for friends in NY for years, translating a lot on the side, and kept waiting for someone else to carry the baby but no one would, so I just decided to start the company and do it officially, myself. No surrogates!

Graham and I then had the MASSIVE baby!

Danny, can you tell Toronto queers what the hell 「Chunk」 is and how it came to be? Why do you do this party?

Danny: 「Chunk」 is a bear-centric party created 10 years ago for body positive hairy dudes interested in alternative music forms. Now??? It’s an inclusive gathering of queer minds and sweaty bodies celebrating ethnic diversity and all body types internationally. We just want to dance, and make out, and listen to sonic youth.

Back in the day I used to beg Will Munro of Vazaleen fame to let me DJ and he always gave me a hug and a kiss and laughed as he walked off. When he opened the Beaver I snuck a box of records down one night and ended up tag-teaming with him. After that, he offered me a monthly night and 「Chunk」 was born.

I do the party because I loooooooooove playing records for all the big sexy bubbas, F to M’s, queerdos, and gaysian superheroes. The bear scene can be quite reductive when it comes to music so we like to play everything from shoegaze to punk to techno to bowel house (look it up – it’s a thing) to disco and back again. Expect variety and be prepared to take your clothes off!

Terrific, thanks. Now Anne and Danny, why is it important that MASSIVE/「Chunk」 exist today?

Anne: Because the world literally still thinks Asian men are all Long Duk Dong or that white dude playing Iron Fist. They come in all shapes and shades and smells.

Danny: The bear scene is whitewashed to the max and we believe in every flavour of love. MASSIVE represents the best of queer culture so we jumped at the chance to work with them.

How did you two get together and make a party baby?

Anne: John Thai! John Thai! John Thai!

Danny: John has brought us together and now our hearts thump thump thump together!

(John Thai is a local gay fella who lives in Parkdale. He does web stuff, is a designer and had terrific taste in home décor, and people in general.)

Anne, if MASSIVE was walking down a path in a park, having a beautiful day, what would they stop to snack on? What would be playing in their headphones?

Anne: Mmmmmm, MASSIVE has been on an exclusively ketogenic paleo diet going five years. Just kidding blech! But it does love beef jerky and whole milk ice cream. Its favorite snack might be dried squid and salty plum candies.

It listens to a long playlist of forlorn women betrayed by their mens. Stupid mens!

Danny, if 「Chunk」 was hiking in the woods, what would be on their playlist, and what are three essential things they would bring on this trip?

Danny: Hah! well hopefully we wouldn’t be hiking alone but headphone times would include Bézier’s latest and a ton of The Stooges, The Knife, and Green Velvet! 「Chunk」 woodsy day trip realness essentials would include snacks-a-plenty (read: hot hairy beefy bubs), a couple pizzas, and an inflatable killer whale pool toy.

We would totally take a walk with both of you.
Anne, what makes MASSIVE so sexy?

Anne: John Thai wearing it! Also, Big Donkey Kong Style Sex. Our illustrated depictions of love and sex are the lovleiest and sexiest. I challenge anyone to show me more exquisite renderings of male-male desire.

Danny, same question about 「Chunk」?

Danny: MASSIVE! They are the sexiest peeps known to humanity and all the 「Chunk」 hunks who come out every three months religiously! We love you bubba boos!

OK, final question for you both: If MASSIVE and 「Chunk」 could go on one date with any queer person in history, on this earth, from way back all the way to today, who would it be and would you make out?

Anne: Channing Tatum (he’s queer I just know it)

Danny: Itsaaaaa MARIO!!!!! we know he’s got a nice fat one underneath those overalls. Slippery when wet makeup session guaranteed.

Thank you both, this was enlightening, indeed. See you at the party and enjoy this exclusive mix by Danny (aka Cake By The Pound)

Phil Villeneuve
Philip Villeneuve is a Toronto DJ, dancer and editor. He has two monthly residencies, makes YouTube videos of himself dancing in public for no reason is and is the co-founder of Yohomo. He was once editor of Fab Magazine and arts editor at Xtra in Toronto. He now splits his time into 100 different pieces around Toronto.
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